Interesting how much to do is given the teacher who left the building being pursued by the shooter in Colorado. What can be said of people fleeing a burning house. It's a common natural act of survival.  P3
Lee Jacobsen December 15, 2013 at 12:31 AM
Couldn't agree more Joe. That teacher was the smartest person in the school, perhaps running back to a car in the parking lot to get a gun to return fire.
Lee Jacobsen December 16, 2013 at 03:26 AM
Regarding the Colorado kid..... Schools need better security at the entrances, perhaps metal detectors set low enough to pass most stuff except for weapons. Have a weapon? Perhaps a pipe wrench? The metal detector will not allow the door to open. The crazy stays outside the school. He had to have been mentally affected by parents going through a divorce, getting kicked off the debate team was the final straw. This , at one time, was a rational kid. You don't make Eagle scout without some common sense and smarts. The Davis girl was 'wrong place, wrong time'. Want something better than an armed guard and 80 seconds? Again, secure entrances at schools that keep out guns. Someone can walk into my high school 3 blocks away, ask to be directed to the main office, they could have 17 weapons like that kid with baggy pants had concealed under his clothing, without a detector of some sort, one can create mayhem. Bottom line, security needs to be tightened up, guns will always be with us. We need to keep the guns out. Perhaps all those new school bond dollars will help with school security....better be some detectors in the purchase.....


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