Once had a neighbor who owned a dog-  Charley. The dog was a pedigreed; as blue-bloods go, tagged with a variety of genetic deficiencies, Charley was also high strung. Each time Charley would see me would send him into an loud, anxiety filled irrational barking exercise.  It seems Charley viewed me as the alpha male, and felt threatened. Despite efforts to ameliorate Charley's fear, the dog still carried on. Efforts to just ignore the animal only served to incite Charley to new levels of hostility. Then one day silence; the quiet was deafening. Days then two weeks passed when I saw my neighbor. I asked about Charley. Charley died  young from a heart ailment; which perhaps was an added explanation for its cantankerous ways . Interesting how an absence of what we are accustomed to can created an imbalance in the dynamics of life.  Rest in peace Charley!   P3 
Lee Jacobsen December 06, 2013 at 02:55 AM
Joe, the demise of Charley can be interpreted in many ways. It's possible that Charley was trying to communicate with you, to change your views to a different perspective, and you resisted. This no doubt frustrated Charley. Charley was trying to change your life , actually how you viewed life. As you say, Rest in peace Charley! With respect to life, Monty Python has a positive view which was put to song, and used at the last Olympic Ceremonies. Here it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrdEMERq8MA


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