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The thread in Christie's sweater in unraveling. The growing size of this scandal, along with the size of Christie's sweater will require time for the truth to be bared. It is on track tough.  The recent e-mail revelation reads that the Port Authority head Samson is on board to aid in the retaliation closure of the bridge. Samson is a crony of Christie.  The comparisons of Nixon's efforts to derail the investigation of Watergate parallels the efforts of Christie in this scandal. Christie's involvement will tell in the ongoing investigation. As it stands right now the blood on Christie's hand is just beneath the skin.   P3
Lee Jacobsen January 17, 2014 at 02:57 AM
Blocking a few lanes of traffic crossing a bridge in NJ is a 'ho-hum issue, and no one in the rest of the nation really cares. What it is doing is deflecting the press coverage of the ineptitude of our foreign policy and protecting our ambassadors. Obama and Hillary knew, and lied for weeks, did a coverup, and that is a 'grown-up ' issue.


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