Agent Orange Scandal

As a Vietnam era veteran, I clearly remember the scandal of Agent Orange, and how Washington/Congress and Ronald Reagan denied that the problem existed. This despite the raging cancer and high number of veterans dying from exposure to Agent Orange. Soldiers chattel/property of the ruling Oligarchy, denied their needs.  P3 
Lee Jacobsen June 02, 2014 at 09:10 PM
There are all kinds of reason for cancer, including the free , and unlimited supply, of cigarettes that the GIs were given by our govt. Each ruling Oligarchy has their skeletons, such as trading 5 top terrorists for one American deserter, unless there is another name for just walking off base, into the jungle etc. and deciding not to return. Why five terrorists, just trade for one if you have to make a trade? Over 50 missions were conducted , with the loss of 6 men, to rescue this deserter, there must be some facts missing to this story, Obama isn't the brightest, but this takes the cake......


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