A real GAS- CORN

Two interesting stories in Dec. 10 Wall Street Journal- Corn farmers are hoarding their corn crop until corn prices rise. To do so they have had to increase their storage bin capacity 15%. Question- Does Washington, using taxpayer money, still give welfare subsidies to farmers to build these large storage silos? Hoarding corn appears to be a losing proposition. Corn has a shelf life faced with rot. By the way, the Wall Street Journal is owned by the scandal laden, non-American Rupert Murdoc whose latest soap opera is his divorce of his wife, who reportedly was having a dalliance with former English prime minister Tony Blair. Remember Tony Blair, who was attached to the hip of George W Bush in lying to his people in going to war in Iraq. I don't think Karma is done with Rupert Murdoc. The other story pointed out that no other municipality in financial strait was required to sell the assets of its art museum.  Let the predator bankers in Detroit "eat corn cake".    P3  
Lee Jacobsen December 11, 2013 at 11:42 PM
Joe, the devil is in the details. Corn can be stored for years, even decades, even thousands of years, corn discovered in Egyptian tombs was still viable and sprouted. Read here from silo owners http://cs.trains.com/trn/f/111/p/39936/507770.aspx Regarding the Middle East, wasn't that one of Obama's promises, get us out of there? Of course, more details, he didn't say how long it was going to take, did he? And finally, no other city as large as Detroit has ever declared bankruptcy. Smaller cities have less art worth selling, some don't have art museums, one reason no other municipality has done the deed.....


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