A learning curve

A short time ago, I attended a little league girl's soccer game. Near the field of play was a crab apple tree that a number of children attending the game with their parents gathered under. I told the children if eaten these apples would give them a sour stomach. One child, a little girl I had mistaken for a boy, than pinched the ends of the crab apple splitting it in two, exposing a worm. The kids became animated. I explained that insects often lay their eggs in a food source to feed the off spring of the eggs. More of the grab apples were broken open, some, not all, also revealing a worm. The kids hurried back to share their discovery with parents. The little girl I thought a boy showed her father, who became agitated and brushed the girl's discovery from her hands and telling to wash her hands. I thought, NO don't do this- squash your daughter's discovery and her inquisitive mind. How many times each day do adults smother the inquisitiveness of children and suffocate their imagination and creativity, stunting development?  P3
Lee Jacobsen December 14, 2013 at 02:14 PM
Good point Joe. Ironic that you used apples as an example. In front of my plant is an apple tree. It produces sweet apples, hundreds of them. Employees were encouraged to take home as many as they wanted, and many brought back many creative , and tasty creations made from those apples. Like your example, it also had a downside. In the spring, many folk did not want to thin out the thousands of apple blossoms, since they looked so 'pretty'. The resultant huge crop of apples ended up splitting many of the tree's branches, and next year will be much different results for apples, and a much different, and sorry looking tree. However, attitude counts, and it will recover. In your example, that daughter's inquisitiveness is part of her positive attitude, and she will be a survivor. That 'can do' attitude will carry on into adulthood, and is what I look for when hiring employees. A skillful employee with a 'piss poor' attitude is misery. Give me a positive attitude person with no skills any time, I can teach them skills, it is very hard to teach the right 'attitude'.


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