911 or a gun?

Remembering Sandy Hook

Which gives you a greater chance of survival...?

1.  You hear glass breaking downstairs,  you, wife, 2 daughters upstairs, you call 911, you have a revolver, voices coming up the stairs, do you use it?

2.  A hooded figure walks quickly into a school, asks for the office, ignores you, walks toward a classroom, do you call 911?  Ask for a student ID?  Where's security??  Use of a gun?

3.  A guy walks up the aisle to the preaching pastor during church, a gun very visible , shoots him dead, walks out whistling. besides calling 911, if you had a gun, would you have confronted him? 

The above scenarios happened. Calling 911 was secondary.  Without a gun, all ended badly. With a gun, maybe survival.
laplateau December 11, 2013 at 10:35 PM
Lee, you and I are on the same page. Calling 911 and getting police response will take at least several minutes...a 9mm bullet travels at about 1250 feet per second. Which would most people opt for when it comes to survival, especially in the first two of your scenarios? I think we both know the answer. Gun free zones that are currently the law only act as a magnate to the mad men that have perpetrated the crimes you speak of. In virtually all the instances where these things have occurred have been in gun free zones, i.e., schools, army bases, navy yards, theaters, etc.


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