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The unrealistic 100%- As a contract negotiator, I never expected to walk away from the table with everything I hoped to achieve. The reality was the same for my counterpart who sat across the table from me. Priorities were set and focused on, and the fluff allowed to slide aside.   P3
Lee Jacobsen June 05, 2014 at 11:33 PM
What is preventing the negotiating in Congress? Obama said he would be transparent, have an open door policy. Obama has rarely even met with his own advisors, this last 'negotiation' of 5 terrorist equivalent generals for a 'deserter', done all by his 'lonesome. borders on the criminal. These 5 terrorists will be back on the lines killing Americans in no time, thanks to Obama. If my son asked for advice on how to desert to the taliban, i'd report him to his superior officer, not advise him to "follow his conscience".


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