3-Year-Old Dearborn Girl Makes National 'Top Vines' List of 2013

Preschooler Ava Ryan has over 475,000 followers on Vine.

Vine screenshot of Ava.
Vine screenshot of Ava.
Over the past few months, Dearborn preschooler Ava Ryan has become an internet sensation-- with more than 475,000 followers on the video sharing site Vine.

Now her quirky 3-year-old sass has secured a No. 8 spot on Buzzfeed's recent list of the "35 Vines From 2013 That You Watched Over And Over Again."

The Vine (first video shown above) was titled "lol how to flirt" and was posted on the site about three months ago.

Ava's mom, Katie Ryan, started the Vine account to share videos of her daughter with friends and family. But Ava's silly sense of humor and expansive vocabulary has made her a huge Vine video star.

“Pretty much every day is surprise with her,” Ava’s dad, Daniel told Local 4 News. “She’s not scripted, we don’t tell her what to say. She is completely off the cuff. I mean we can’t make this stuff up.”

With Ava's videos becoming more and more popular online, her parents questioned at times whether to continue with the Vine account. 

“I thought, 'OK, maybe I should stop,” Katie told local news. “But the reaction was so positive and I would get messages from people saying they look forward to her Vines every day, and if they are spreading joy I am ok with that.”

Click here to see more Vine videos of Ava.


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