Rules to Remember for Snow Removal

As the snow starts to fall, here are some helpful tips to make it through the winter in Dearborn.

With the first significant snowfall on the ground, the city of Dearborn is reminding residents to take steps to make winter weather easier on everyone, as well as avoid fines.

Be Careful With Your Cars

Dearborn’s service days–during which parked vehicles needed to be moved off of residential streets for trash and recycling bin pick-up–have ended for the season, but with snow on the ground, there are many more reasons to keep your cars in your garage, driveway or nearby lots whenever possible, city officials say.

“Dearborn residents can help get the roads plowed faster this winter by moving parked vehicles off of the street whenever three inches or more of snow is predicted to fall,” the city advised in a recent release.

And if a snow emergency is called? Move that car!

Snow emergencies are often declared during particularly bad snowstorms, and if they are, vehicles must be off the streets or else they can be ticketed or towed.

“Generally, you may park vehicles back on the street once the street has been plowed if no further heavy snowfall is expected,” the city said. “Note that crews may return to clear roads again if conditions require it.”

Snow Falling Means Shovels Out

City law mandates that removal of snow and ice from walkways–including shoveling and salting–is the responsibility of the homeowner. Snow and ice must be taken care of within 24 hours of any significant snowfall.

Moreover, the city notes that snow plowing may mean that driveways get blocked. City crews are responsible for clearing streets, and any driveway blockage is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Be Nice to Your Neighbors

The city reminds residents: “Do not discard snow on another person’s property without their permission. Do not pile or discard snow on any public property, street right-of-way, sidewalk, alley or parking lot.”

Want to be an even better neighbor? Help out those who are unable to shovel their own driveways or sidewalks, and remember that being a good neighbor is part of being a Dearborner.

To see if a snow emergency has been declared in Dearborn, check any of the following methods, and listen for outdoor emergency sirens.

  • Visit www.cityofdearborn.org
  • Watch City of Dearborn Television
  • Call the Snow Emergency Hotline at 313-943-2444
  • Follow @cityofdearborn on Twitter
  • Sign up for alerts on www.nixle.com
  • Check Dearborn Patch whenever snow falls, and we’ll keep you updated


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