Matt's Mixes It Up with All-Purpose Seasoning

A third-year vendor at the Farmers Market, Matt's Mix has a full plate of possibilities.

Catherine and Matt Welemirov founded Matt’s Mix in 2009, and have been stirring up a successful all-purpose seasoning blend ever since.

Described as the perfect mix of kosher salt, garlic, herbs and spices, the proprietors claim that it tastes great on everything. Initially, the mix was sold in deli containers in local farmers markets, but soon demand pushed for added retail outlets and more formal packaging in the current bottled version–complete with nutritional labeling information.

The Welemirovs are childhood sweethearts who have a passion for cooking together. It is no surprise that this pair found a spice blend that they wanted to share.

“Chefs often create their own seasonings and this was the one we made,” described Matt, a chef for 10 years in metro Detroit restaurants. He attributes his sister-in-law with suggesting to the Welemirovs that they “bottle this stuff.”

Describing a little more about what sets Matt’s Mix apart from other seasoning blends, Matt explained that they do not use any MSG, sugars or anti-caking agents that many others do. Additionally, they use as many local or U.S.-grown products as possible.

“The salt is mined in Michigan," Matt said. "We only use California garlic and work with a local distributor for the rest of the spices, who does not irradiate them, but uses a steam process instead."

Irradiation is an approved method of cleaning bacteria and microorganisms from food, but some believe that a more natural process is healthier.

But one of the best ways to discern the real difference is to taste the mix. That’s why there are always samples on hand at the in the Matt’s Mix booth. There are typically fresh or sautéed vegetables available with a sprinkling of the blend, but frequently in the fall Matt’s hibachi is grilling away, creating the outdoor experience where home cooks might enjoy the seasoning best.   

Touted as great on vegetables, beef, chicken, tofu and seafood, Matt says, “I love it on a good steak.”

This is an interesting twist as his wife, Catherine, is vegan, choosing not to eat any animal products or dairy. Accordingly, the duo provides recipes to appeal to every style of eating on their website.

“Catherine is such an awesome cook, she puts (the mix) in everything," Matt says. "One of her best dishes is a quinoa salad–a recipe that you can find on our site."

This is the third season that Matt’s Mix has been a part of the Dearborn Farmers Market, which is open every Friday through October from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. next to the .

Looking ahead to next year, the Welemirovs have applied to be a vendor in Detroit’s Eastern Market, as well as the Ann Arbor Farmers Market. They hope to expand the product line soon, too, asking customers what they might like to see most–a spicy blend, lemon pepper blend, or even a low-sodium version. 

Matt’s Mix retails for $6 per bottle and can be found in five farmers markets including Dearborn, in 25 retail stores–including –and online at www.MattsMix.com. Based in Berkeley, you can reach Matt’s Mix by phone 248-730-8944 or follow them on Facebook.

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lindar August 26, 2011 at 03:47 PM
I can not live without Matt's Mix. Literally -- I live in Spain and just had a whole case of it shipped to me. Fantastic, fantastic stuff.
Leslie August 26, 2011 at 04:34 PM
Matt's Mix is delicious. I like it in salads or on meat. Interesting that it is made with salt mined in Michigan. Thanks Matt & Catherine!


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