Leaders of Sunday's Anti-Islam Conference Slam Dearborn Imam

Armed with footage of Friday's sermon at the Islamic Center of America, Pamela Gellar and Robert Spencer claim that requests to join their conference in Dearborn are coming in 'fast and furious.'

Two commentators leading a conference in Dearborn this weekend–protesting what they say is evidence of honor killings in the Islamic faith–spoke out against Imam Sayed Qazwini in advance of the event on their respective blogs.

Citing video footage of the imam's Friday sermon to worshippers at the ICA, Pamela Gellar and Robert Spencer call Qazwini "pro-honor killing."

"If the mainstream media narrative about Islam were true, this imam and others would be standing with us against Islamic honor killing," Spencer wrote in his blog, Jihad Watch.

Spencer and Gellar are heading up the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference, being held Sunday at the in Dearborn.

Mokdad, for whom the conference was named, was killed in 2011 in Warren, MI. Police arrested her stepfather, Rahim Alfetlawi, for the crime. Some–Gellar included–have speculated that the shooting was an "honor killing" due to her rejection of Islam.

Mokdad's family told Fox News Detroit that "absolutely it was not."

Alfetlawi is currently awaiting trial for the crime.

Qazwini will join a multitude of local and national religious and political leaders in meant to combat the Mokdad conference. That event will be Sunday at the Doubletree Hotel just outside of Dearborn.

Qazwini on Friday informed his congregants at the ICA of Gellar's impending visit to Dearborn, likening her to .

“There are people who use fear of Islam for their personal gains," Qazwini said. "Pamela Gellar … is another bigot who finds bashing Islam a convenient way to promote herself and make some money."

Gellar called Qazwini's comments about her "badmouthing."

"Here is a leading Muslim imam denouncing me, libeling me, defaming me because I am fighting for the human rights of Muslim girls," Gellar wrote in her blog, Atlas Shrugs, on Saturday. "We are turning people away from the Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference and requests are still coming in fast and furious."

Gellar's conference will also include as a speaker Acts 17 Apologetics leader David Wood, who led a lawsuit against the city of Dearborn after being arrested at the Arab International Festival in 2010.

The Islamophobia Town Hall is to include such speakers as Arab American Institute President James Zogby, journalist and blogger Sara Posner, Executive Director of the Council for American-Islamic Relations of Michigan Dawud Walid, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee of Michigan Director Imad Hamad, Imam Qazwini and state Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

The town hall is free to attend and open to the public.

chris April 29, 2012 at 01:15 PM
I'm sooo tired of hearing about people protesting, every time there is a protest it involves hate... get a life people, spend time with your families do something good with your life
Muhammad Ali G April 30, 2012 at 12:24 AM
It's about time someone or some entity. Stands up to these evil and vile people. They hate. They kill recklessly against all others. They are supremely arrogant. Women...these your real war on women. It's sick and we give them a free ride. Yet the comments come back how dare we vilify these people who kill their own daughters and think they will be rewarded for murdering innocents. It's about time. Stay strong and protest islam - the religion of hate.
marooned in Dbn April 30, 2012 at 02:15 PM
To put this in a simplistic way, if Gellar & Spencer have video proof that Imam Qazwini was preaching honor killings in his sermon, let Gellar & Spencer run the video, in public, complete with Arabic translators, word for word. At every occasion I was present at The Islamic Institute, The Islamic Ctr. of America, ect, English was spoken rarely, Arabic predominantly. I don't speak too much Arabic. I know others that speak it fleuently. They can prove this for the public once and for all. Until they do, I consider these ppl (Geller & Spencer), anti Islamic bigots. Prove me wrong. Since Geller's and Spencer's conference have so MANY requests to join in, as they stated, it seems to me, the requestees are very same ppl who have a proven vested intrest against Islam in the first place, by past practice.
G.J. Rancourt April 30, 2012 at 07:16 PM
To ask Muslims to abide by laws which are equal for all (and this means women as well as men) should not asking for too much. Certainly CAIR Islamists would not object to this? Even though he has placed the Islamic crescent over top the Statue of Liberty, why Imam Sayed Qazwini ever object to such a thing is beyond me.


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