Is There a War on Christmas?

Dearborn joins other cities each year in displaying a manger scene in a public park.

The holiday decorations are up at City Hall Park in Dearborn: A sprawling, lit-up "Season's Greetings" welcomes drivers and pedestrians on Michigan Avenue in east downtown. And next to it, a Christmas nativity scene.

Is it an OK display for the holiday season?

In November, Santa Monica officials opted to forego their traditional Christmas display due to pushback from local athiests. Several area churches involved with the setup sued, but their case was dismissed in federal court on Nov. 30, according to the Santa Monica Daily Press.

Also this month in Michigan, a Warren man won his court battle to be able to put up a nativity scene on Mound Road. According to Fox 2, it was something his family had done since the 1940s, until being stopped by Macomb County officials in 2008.

The display will be up by Dec. 15.

These manger scene legal scuffles are some of the latest battles in what many—headed up by national TV station Fox News—have dubbed the "War on Christmas." From the use of Happy Holidays over Merry Christmas, to the end of Christmas trees and manger scenes in many municipalities, some argue that the nation is choosing political correctness over "the reason for the season."

But some cities—Dearborn included—celebrate the Christian holiday publicly without complaint. Dexter has a nativity scene, as well as Birmingham and Troy, which are set up by area churches. Plymouth has a scene in its downtown every year, but also has a Jewish menorah to honor Hanukkah.

Farmington has bypassed a specific holiday display in favor of a "unity candle."

So, Patch readers, let's hear what you have to say:

What do you think of Dearborn's nativity scene? Do you think there's a War on Christmas?

bitsy08 December 10, 2012 at 02:10 PM
Why anyone should be concerned about Fox News is beyond me. Our news sources start problems where there are none. If Dearborn doesn't have a problem with it, leave it alone. It is, after all as they said, the "reason for the season."
Mike M December 10, 2012 at 03:32 PM
I use to be in favor of "Merry Christmas" but as I got older, I realized by saying "Happy Holidays" it's inclusive of those who celebrate holidays other than Christmas, like Hanukah, Kwanzaa, etc.
King Yellowman December 21, 2012 at 12:16 PM
It's the Christmas holiday, so we say Merry Christmas, why that has become a problem for some is part of the American problem in my view. Americans should remind everyone that they are in America please respect our American holidays and not try to change them to yours. America has Christian foundations although some would say not so. I would dear say our founding fathers certainly were not Jewish or Muslim for that matter so they both need to relax. One of the oldest building in manhattan is a church not a mosque or a synagog and it helped make America what it is today but now we have others in my view changing America to something it is not, those Christian values help to welcome others to America now those ungrateful others are trying to demonize Christianity, well it was not the Jews or the Muslims who said back then come to America it was the Christians. And now that they have let you in you are trying to kick them out, which only goes to show how much better you are than them. Leave the Christian with their Christian holiday in America, they are not in your country you are in theirs.
haji December 21, 2012 at 02:14 PM
well said yellowman... i have no problem with ppl saying happy holidays, but if someone wants to say merry chistmas then so be it - and if someone has a problem with saying it then they just need to reply happy holidays back at them and just honor the spirit in which it was meant to be given - and just smile! If we can wish happy Eid to muslim ppl then we can wish merry christmas to christans and jews and muslims and all other religious persuasions can just say happy holidays! the problem comes in when someone TRYS to take others rights to wish the salutation (or host its symbols) AWAY from the celebrants. And fundamentally thats just not right to do! put up all the symbols! all the baby jesus stuff - jewish menorahs - kwanza whatever! leave ppl alone to celebrate! If ur atheist and dont want any of it then thats ur right - but u cant take others rights away to DISPLAY theirs! so stupid!! if ur atheist what u care anyway!? shut up and go HUMBUG at home to yourself! nobody likes a party pooper!


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