Dearborn Library Launches Lucky Day DVD Collection

Want to pick up a must-see film at the library? You could just get lucky.

For Dearborn residents looking to rent a highly sought-after film from the Dearborn Public Library, the wait to get it home and into their DVD player can be long—with up to 50 or 60 holds on a given title.

But for patrons looking to just take their chances, the library has created a new Lucky Day DVD collection.

Hosted at the Henry Ford Centennial Library, the Lucky Day collection consists of copies of the most commonly requested DVDs in the library. The titles change, based on demand, and are available purely on the chance that a copy is available when a patron stops by the library.

DVDs are $2 to check out, and can only be checked out for two days. Library users can only check out one Lucky Day title at a time. There are no holds or renewals.

The program was launched in the fall of 2012 as both a way to offer a new service to library users, and a possibly way to generate funds for the library.

Library Director Maryanne Bartles said at the Library Commission's Jan. 11 meeting that the collection had rented out 122 videos in December.

"I asked staff and they said there hasn't been much of a reaction," Bartles said of whether library patrons liked or disliked the new program. "I was surprised when I saw the rental number."

Lucky Day DVDs can be found next to the Circulation Desk at the Henry Ford Centennial Library.


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