Six Dearborn Locals Called Out as 'Best of Detroit'

Several chains with local connections also made Real Detroit Weekly's 2013 list.

Six Dearborn businesses and events were named among the "Best of Detroit 2013" by readers of Real Detroit Weekly this week.

Dearborn Music (Best Vinyl Selection), Westborn Market (Best Specialty Market), Crave (Best Sushi), Double Olive (Best Bar on a Tuesday Night) and BTs (Best Bar for the Bachelor) all made the list in their respective categories.

The Adoba Hotel Dearborn was also recognized for its annual Champagne Explosion event, which was named the Best Bar New Year's Eve Event by Real Detroit readers.

The "Best Of Detroit" is Real Detroit Weekly's annual listing of the Detroit area's best bars, restaurants and entertainment. The list is released each February.

"Best Of issue is a go-to guide, a collection, a historical reference for the things we’ve collectively excelled at and the advancements we’ve made as a community rich in food, ambiance, music, art and design," Real Detroit editors wrote.

Several chains with locations in Dearborn also made the list. Here's a look at the best of Detroit that can be found in Dearborn:

Best Sushi: Crave

"Crave in Dearborn is a long-standing monument to the deliciousness that is fusion food."

Best Bar on a Tuesday Night: Double Olive

"This is a bar that's suitable for getting intimate or cutting loose—the type of place that's cozy, but knows how to put on a good time."

Best Vinyl Selection: Dearborn Music

"They literally carry thousands of names and titles in every genre imaginable."

Best Specialty Market: Westborn Market

"This place is much more than your run-of-the-mill market; it's everything you want in a store and more."

Best Bar New Year's Eve Event: Champagne Explosion

"Hosted at the Adoba Hotel in Dearborn, this event has become so large in years past they've recently doubled their bars, bartenders and servers to accommodate the sold-out crowd."

Best Bar for the Bachelor: BTs

"BTs will never let you down when you need a boy's night."

Best 24-Hour Restaurant: Leo's

"There's really nothing better aftera a night of excess."

Best Italian: Andiamo

"Andiamo offers the kind of exceptional dining experience we've come to expect from the Vicari family."

Best Deep Dish Pizza: Buddy's

"Relationships have ended over lesser transgressions than taking that last corner."

Best Draft Beer Selection: Bailey's

"It certainly behooves you to make a night of trying every single tap."

Best Bang for your Buck: Big Boy

"The Big Boy burger is legendary 'round these parts and its price is one of the reasons."

Best Delivery: Jimmy John's

"They'll be at your front door ready for you to eat before you even finish updating your Facebook status to say that you're about to eat some Jimmy John's."

Best Fast Food: McDonald's

"There's something about those two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese and onions on that sesame seed bun that just sings to us."

Best Pizza Delivery: Jet's

"Jet's has made the "all corners" pizza famous."

Best Bank: Chase

"Whether you're applying for a car loan or managing your account online, Chase offers so many products and services that it's no wonder why our readers love Chase."

Best Quality for the Money: Little Caesars

"The $5 Hot-N-Ready revolutionized the grab and go meal."

Best Coffee: Biggby

"No matter how big they get they'll always be our #1 since they are a Michigan-based company."

What's your favorite? Share it in the comments. Check out Patch readers' favorites around Rochester in our Readers Choice section.


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