Last Call for Dearborn Cheli's Chili Tonight

The Dearborn restaurant will close Wednesday.

Fans of Dearborn's Cheli's Chili were disappointed to hear this week that the west downtown restaurant and bar will close Wednesday.

The Detroit Free Press confirmed that Najib Rizk, the owner of fellow west downtown establishment Le Cigar, has purchased the building. He has not confirmed what the plans are for the restaurant.

Rumors began circulating in 2012 that the restaurant was slated to close.

Dearborn Patch Facebook fans were split on their reaction to the news.

"Loved their veggie chili!" commented Julie Johnston. "And this is very sad news for Dearborn, indeed."

"The roof deck was fun in the summer," added Cheryl Kohs. "I hope whatever moves in will keep the casual vibe."

At least one resident wasn't sad to hear the news.

"Glad it's going," commented Stephanie Mullins. "I hope they put something better in that will attract people to the area."

Some were just concerned that it would be abandoned altogether.

"Maybe the building will be "renovated" into an empty dirt lot like some others on Michigan Ave," said Emily Freitag Panchenko. "Poor downdown Dearborn."

AbuHak February 20, 2013 at 08:06 PM
Look out for another hookah lounge.
Dominic Raona February 21, 2013 at 02:30 PM
My guess is another Mediterranean Restaurant or Sushi!


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