Voters Approve Name Change From Dearborn to Henry Ford, Michigan?

Time to change from Dearborn to Henry Ford, MI?

The gentle town of Dearborn is misnamed.  I propose that the city be re-named Henry Ford, MI as recognition of the contributions of Henry Ford to the nation and in particular to our city.

Instead, we have our city named after someone who never heard of it let alone ever stepped foot in it, General Henry Dearborn. Now he was a righteous dude, I will grant you and served our country well in the Revolutionary War and with a lot less distinction in the War of 1812, when he was basically fired from his position. 

Now comes a true giant in American history, a man born within the city limits of our town, who built a mammoth enterprise here, kept it here and built his own family home at Fairlane.

Henry Ford changed America from this very spot. He was one of us. He lived among us and his company provided a tax base that any city would die for. Henry Ford's company provided excess funds for Camp Dearborn and a multitude of city services. Henry Ford's company donated land to all of us, the land of my high school, Edsel Ford, of which I was in the first graduating class. Henry Ford built that enterprise right here, a car company that needed no government bail out and a company that provided good jobs at the famous Rouge plant and today still headquarters itself at its Central Staff Building and other buildings that house engineering, styling, test track and divisional HQ's. He provided funds for one of the greatest museums in the world - the Henry Ford and Greenfield Village and these bring thousands of tourists every year to see these attractions and to begin a trip to see an automotive assembly plant.

Henry Ford had defects—so did General Dearborn. Henry Ford was an anti-Semite. He discovered very late the nature of the swine, Hitler, but he also produced a plant that produced over 400 B-24's/month in 1944 that help prompt Hitler to place pistol to his temple.

The name Henry Ford means something. Henry Ford means something to us, the people who live in his town, the people who work in and visit his town and yes, even to people like me who grew up here and moved away. It is no exaggeration to suggest that Henry Ford made this town.

This, the town of his birth and death, the town of people he loved. This most important person, a person who brought the automobile within range of everyone and a living wage to all who worked for him. The man who showed the world what modern manufacturing could attain lifting the living standards of millions. 

This town is Henry Ford, Michigan. Leverage that name and let everyone know where he came from, what he did and what they can still see of the America he helped build in the Twentieth Century. Let the people debate this idea. Let them vote on it. Let them live in Henry Ford, Michigan.  It is a proud name. It is an important name. It is our name. Henry Ford, Michigan, USA.

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AXXEL KNUTSON February 17, 2013 at 07:19 PM
Here is your Major General Dearborn: The reason Washingon was burnt nearly to the ground, including the Capitol, is because of the thuggish acts of General Henry Dearborn's troops in the fight Dearborn commanded at York, Canada [Toronto] previously. The Brits know about payback and paid back in spades thanks to MAJOR GENERAL Dearborn. He was relieved of his command. And this is the name of Henry Ford, Michigan.
Your taxes pay my salary February 19, 2013 at 09:12 AM
Can we name it after Mayor McCheese?
AXXEL KNUTSON February 20, 2013 at 04:32 PM
Someone on Detroit Yes, asked me a question about this. Although I am sure no one cares, here is the response I made: "I do live near Edison, NJ and here is a town that rightfully is proud of a man who, like Henry Ford, made a difference. No man is perfect...not General Dearborn, not Thomas A. Edison and not Henry Ford. I, however, am perfect but in spite of this do not want the name of the town I grew up in [Henry Ford, MI] named after me. As far as Kroger is concerned, the local Kroger store supplied me with Koeplinger's Whole Wheat Bread -the best tasting toasted bread ever made-BUT I DIGRESS. Henry Ford, MI is already a tourist destination of sorts because of Henry Ford. People come there to see the Ford attractions, The Henry Ford, Greenfield Village, the Rouge Plant tours. Residents are INSANE if they do not rename the place Henry Ford, MI in spite of some not-so-hot general from the War of 1812 than never set foot in the place. Of course I can't vote on such a name change, but having lived there for 16 years, going to school there and loving the place, I have more of a right to suggest this name change than any Henry Ford, MI - come lately perhaps. "
edward binkley February 27, 2013 at 06:45 PM
so sorry to say he was the first commandant at the dearbon arsenal when it was built in 1833 during the french indian war because the government was afraid the british would invaid fort wayne and steal the armory weapons so they moved it away from the detroit river and they picked dearbornville. Its co=ordinances were south madison to telegraph north to golfview and east to the rouge river then to michigan avenue. about 22.5 miles
AXXEL KNUTSON March 16, 2013 at 12:58 PM
The bandwagon to change the name of our town has left the station. Henry Ford, Michigan it is. So far, there is one person on that bandwagon. "When those Henry Ford Pioneers hit that line...da de dum dum."


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