What's Your Vision for a Sustainable Dearborn?

A community workshop this Thursday will focus on residents' ideas for sustainable and useful development surrounding the city's new intermodal passenger train station.

Dearborn’s intermodal passenger train station–.–opens up possibilities for further development in the west downtown and neighborhoods.

It also presents an opportunity to ensure that new projects keep environmental sustainability in mind.

Paid for , Dearborn will host four planning and sustainability experts who will study the Transit Oriented Development area within a one-mile radius of the train station.

As part of the review, the public is invited to an interactive community workshop inside Studio A of the , from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 26.

The public workshop will help clarify the community’s overall vision for sustainable development, identify community priorities, and begin to build community consensus around the vision for the target project area.

This workshop will focus on gaining input through exercises that use maps, photographs, and impressions from the area combined with examples from similar communities.

All residents are encouraged to participate, including neighborhood organizations, business owners, senior citizens and youth groups, university students, environmental organizations and bicyclists.

Weigh in here, Dearborn: What types of development do you want to see surrounding the new train station? More bike trails, student housing, green space–share your thoughts on Patch in the comments section.

L'angelo Mistereo April 24, 2012 at 12:17 PM
First the City needs to unshackle itself from the pillars of complacency by ridding itself of of the corrupt ""legacy"' politicians and public officials. How much has Mark Somers and police Chief Haddad cost the City in taxpayer money by and through their "prior restraints" on 1st Amendment rights of a no name, no follower 'pastor'?? More police showed up than people when he was finally allowed to speak! Or how about the Judgments against Somers for his 'cover up' of court employees elicit affairs. City pays not the ,at very least ,negligent Public Official. Or Haddad's failure to investigate Court Fraud.....to busy being friends with the frauds rather than protecting the public interest. And it goes down the line to Mayor, council, city attorney & cohorts who all have looked the other way at criminal acts, poor legal judgments by City Officials and corruption. Fix this, Fix the City
Lee Jacobsen April 24, 2012 at 04:41 PM
So, after fixing the politics, we can start next by improving the image of Dearborn that folks first see of our city once they depart from the train station. One obvious link is Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford, and our 'Automotive Heritage'. This, combined with a historical theme which makes most visitors 'comfortable', would be a start towards a sustainable positive image that Dearborn needs, rather than the bland mish-mash of mediocracy that we have for our downtown building code structures at present. Look at Plymouth, Farmington, Northville, all warm and inviting places with at least a basic theme of unity, even if it is just having classic street lights. Note that the speed limit through each of these communities is 25 mph, not the 35 or more that Dearborn has. That means folks can actually read the business signs, and may have a reason to stop and buy something. They also have street parking, where you can actually go into businesses via the front door. Who wants to park in a parking structure and all the hassle it entails to make a quick purchase of , say an ice cream cone? Not many. We can also stress our Middle Eastern importance, and have food outlets at the train station that reflect all sorts of ethnic and historical foods. Travelers always have room for food, and restaurants should be part of the train station mix, as visitors regroup and plan their next move after departing the train to discover our city.
Frank Lee April 25, 2012 at 12:36 PM
O'Reilly does not understand the first thing about railroading or sustainable development. This train station is another vanity project that will fail. If he was truly interested in sustainable growth we would improve the old train station and maintain our city services. Instead he is building a vanity project that may or may not be federally funded and will never see the numbers he is projecting. As a railroad employee and supporter of mass transit, I can honestly say this plan is BS. First, no one will decide to take a train when an arrival and departure are often hours late. Secondly the ability to have the rail speeds Oreilly is claiming is years away, and lastly this entire High Speed rail scheme proposed by Obama is underfunded, poorly planned and inefficient. This railroad station and the proposed growth projected is based on totally bogus numbers. Ask yourself would you take a method of transportation that routinely is hours late. The problems with passenger rail between Detroit and Chicago are years away from being corrected and so is the change in travel habits of business travelers. So in real terms there nothing sustainable about this project but the growth of government sprawl and inefficient overreach.
Your taxes pay my salary April 25, 2012 at 01:03 PM
The city should have a free shuttle from the train station to the new Goodwill store. It is going to be such a draw to out of town visitors.
Lee Jacobsen April 25, 2012 at 09:01 PM
After Obama, via his wind and solar energy policies, drives the price of energy beyond affordable levels, (energy costs are expected to rise 20% next year) the train will become 'fashionable' to ride once again. I have ridden the train to Chicago several times, and only twice was it 'hours late', one time due to the engineer missing a turn and having to 'back up' for 35 minutes, the second was due to the doors jamming on the 'concession' car, trapping the passengers, and causing the train to stop for 30 minutes so train folk could use 'axes' to break the doors free. Soft drinks were offered at a discount as a result. Having a train stop at Greenfield Village, a National and World landmark, is a great opportunity for Dearborn. Europeans won't know of the poor service, and will take the train, at least initially. After being frustrated, they will stop at Dearborn, Which they recognize, (Home of Henry Ford etc) , rent a car, and drive the remainder of their trip. End result? Dearborn wins either way. We get visitors that spend money, and are looked upon as rescuers from the deplorable train service. The Goodwill store as an attraction will be the icing on the cake.


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