TV Special on Serving People With Disabilities to Focus on Dearborn Family

The Charara family's success in keeping their disabled loved one at home will be the focus of a special on CBS Saturday.

A Dearborn family will be featured in a special television program this weekend, which will delve into the topic of support for people with developmental, physical and intellectual disabilities.

The 30-minute special, Support at Home, will air on CBS Detroit Channel 62 at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 26.

The program is being presented by Community Living Services, a nonprofit organization that provides services to seniors, veterans and people with disabilities within Metro Detroit.

At the center of the discussion will be the Charara family—specifically, Rima Charara, who has received support from CLS and is now able to live in her own home.

“Our family was very uncomfortable with moving my sister of out a state institution,” said Rima’s sister, Saada Charara, in a statement. “We thought she would never be able to live in the community again.”

The program will cover such topics as to how to care for a family member facing these challenges, and what resources and services area available for families to allow their loved ones to live at home.

According to CLS, the need for support services for elderly or disabled family members is a growing issue facing Americans.

“Right now, there is a growing demand on the system that will be unsustainable nationally and often people are caught unprepared for the alternatives to institutional or nursing home care,” CLS President and CEO James Dehem said in a statement. “Support at Home shows there are less expensive, win-win options and sources for help in planning home care either now or in the future.”

The video features interviews with Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, State Senator Debbie Stabenow, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson and Michigan Department of Community Health Director Jim Haveman.

And the success story of one Dearborn family that has found a happier life for Rima Charara.

“My family never thought this was possible, but every day we see her growing into a responsible and happy young woman,” Saada added. “I would encourage anyone who has a family member with a disability to seek out alternatives to institutional living. There are different ways to care for your loved ones at home with the appropriate staffing and support.” 

For more information, log onto www.comlivserv.com and click the Support at Home icon.


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