Dearborn Volunteer Emergency Response Team Receives Statewide Honor

The Dearborn CERT team was named the 2012 Team of the Year by the State of Michigan in December.

Dearborn's Community Emergency Response Team was recognized Thursday at Dearborn City Hall for their continued contribution to the city—efforts which earned them title of 2012 CERT Citizen Corps Team of the Year.

The team has collectively donated more than 24,000 hours of time to serving at city events, as well as in emergency situations, since forming in 2005. The team of 400 is comprised of both Dearborn residents and non-residents, many of whom also assist with classes and starting up other CERT teams; mentoring new members; and assistance with events and emergencies in other cities and states.

One team member, according to Dearborn Emergency Management Coordinator Bradley Smith, now has a job with FEMA and has assisting with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in New Jersey.

Smith nominated the team for the statewide honor, saying of them in his nomination:

This team has never asked why? Or How come? When the call for help comes from the city, county, state etc. In fact when an event is coming or hitting elsewhere in the nation they are asking when and how long?  My team is the reason I come to work and do more every day. I love this team they are the heart and soul of CERT and its Missions!

The CERT team was recognized as the team of the year by the state in December.

In addition to the award bestowed upon Dearborn's CERT team, husband-and-wife team members Art and Paula Fulkerson were also named CERT Volunteers of the Year by the State of Michigan.

City leaders on Thursday thanked the team for their continued efforts.

"They do help out and we are appreciative of your efforts and service to the community," Council President Tom Tafelski told the team.

Learn more about the program by visiting Dearborn's CERT webpage.


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