Dearborn Residents Report Clear Main Roads

Some residents say they had trouble getting out of their own driveways.

Did you have to drive to work? How was your commute?
Did you have to drive to work? How was your commute?
The snow kept falling and many roads were a mess, but some Dearborn residents still had to get to work.

We asked residents about their commute on the Dearborn Patch Facebook Page.

Here's what they said:

Erin Olson Downs commented "Roads were fine. Neighborhoods near Monroe and Dartmouth took about 5 extra minutes to get down to Telegraph. Telegraph and 94 were pretty clear. No problems."

Jeana Meri, shared "I live across from Whitmore Bolles and it doesn't even look like anyone plowed, work in east Dearborn is cancelled today."

Kathleen Potillo Rensel posted, "I made it from west dbn to east but couldn't park. The whole neighborhood was parked in our lot and no snow plowed. They are plowing near maples and whitmore bolles schools. It is a lot better where the city has plowed. Lots of dodging where plows have cleared lots and pushed it into the street especially on greenfield."

Becki Kain commented, "stuck in my driveway on May Street!"

Cheryl Bruski Authier posted "Live in Dearborn, work in Dearborn. Commute went from 10 minutes to 15. Not bad."

Moe Ittayem commented "Neighborhood was still pretty sloppy (Ford & Outer Dr. ) 4x4 definitely a plus. Overall all the main roads are in pretty good shape. I made it to Clinton twp in 50 minutes via I94."

Maureen Lynn shared "The commute here was out to the driveway. Hubby drives an 18 wheeler, and he couldn't get our small cars out of the drive w/o the bottoms dragging."

Did you have to drive to work? How was your commute?


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