Dearborn Rally Recognizes Victims of Gaza-Israel Conflict

A Patch reader shared her photos from the Wednesday evening protest.

As a ceasefire took hold Wednesday between Israel and the Hamas movement, Dearborn area residents took to City Hall to stage a rally in recognition of the lives lost, and calling for a true end to the violence.

According to BBC News, the ceasefire was holding steady on Thursday as the bomb-riddled skies near the Gaza Strip began to clear. In that region, Palestinians took to the streets to celebrate.

President Barack Obama, BBC reporters said, "praised Israel for agreeing to the proposal."

Patch reader Michelle Iliazi shared her photos from the Wednesday evening protest at Dearborn City Hall "in solidarity with the people of Gaza, Palestine."

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HD November 22, 2012 at 09:16 PM
Uncountable TRILLIONS of dollars have been stolen by Israel, by Jews, by "friends" of Israel and the Jews, and continue to be stolen as we speak, in a million different ways, while anesthetized Americans find any excuse to look the other way, fearful of forfeiting their paychecks from whatever employer is facing the inevitable question: If I offend the Jews, will they put me out of business? Answer is: they will. And that's why the United States is essentially out of business today: a hundred years of intense Jewish parasitism have totally erased any claim to morality Americans ever pretended to have. Now, the host, our country, is about to expire, bled to death by those [Rothschild banksters] who worship the bottom line and don't care about anything else. Congratulate yourself for the role you have played in all this, and the silence you have displayed while participating.
Joe P November 23, 2012 at 07:37 PM
Protests are nice, but do have little effect. I would recommend participating in a boycott. There are plenty of websites out there that support this type of initiative, here is a popular one that details why each of the companies listed should be boycotted... http://www.inminds.com/boycott-israel-2012.php


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