Dearborn Public Works Yard Open Saturday

The Department of Public Works yard will be open Dec. 15 for residents looking to dispose of construction materials, furniture or other items.

Have some broken furniture to unload? Leftover bricks from a construction job? Even a toilet?

Dearborn will be hosting a free disposal day on from 8 a.m.-1 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 15, at the Department of Public Works yard, located at 2951 Greenfield Road.

Normally, things like furniture, bathtubs and construction materials can only be picked up curbside, and require a special fee for pickup, starting at $50.

But on Dec. 15, residents can drop off the following items with no fee: furniture; dirt, sod, sand, concrete and bricks; firewood, logs and stumps; bathtubs, sinks and toilets. 

Fuel, tires, ammunition, refrigerators, microwaves or other appliances are not accepted.

Hazardous materials are not acceptable at the DPW yard or at the curbside. Those materials include any products that pose a risk to human health and safety to the environment. Some examples of household hazardous materials include paints, stains, floor care items, furniture polish, bathroom cleaners, lawn and garden chemicals, pesticides, turpentine, shellac, batteries, transmission fluid, used motor oil, and poisons.

Residents are responsible for unloading their own vehicles. No one is available to assist and no equipment is available to use.

For questions about curbside pickup, or to check if materials are acceptable for disposal at the DPW yard, call the department at 313-943-2085.

For more information regarding household hazardous waste disposal and additional drop-off dates and locations, contact the Wayne County Department of Environment, Resource Recovery coordinator at 734-326-3936.


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