Dearborn Patch Readers Share 50 Photos of Pets

Thanks to everyone who entered out Cool Cat Casino contest!

There was one pair of free tickets to the Dearborn Animal Shelter's Cool Cat Casino on the line. But we reckon that most people who entered our contest over the past week just wanted to show off their furry family members.

Meet Leia, who "was part of a litter born under a spruce tree in our backyard," wrote Frances Hayes about her 3-year-old tabby.

Or say hello to Lucy, a 5-year-old St. Bernard who owner Alex Salehi said "LOVES watermelon." The photo proves it.

There's Henry with his favorite shoelace, adopted from the Wyandotte Animal Shelter. And Harley, who enjoys hamming it up for photos. And Bella, a tiny chihuahua who just likes to stay warm!

Click here to see the full gallery of photos.

We loved looking at all your animal photos, and reading their stories of being rescued and loved. In the end, only one person—Courtne Sadler and her 2-year-old dog Oliver—won the tickets.

But we hope everyone enjoyed sharing their love of animals on Dearborn Patch.

Want to buy tickets to the Cool Cat Casino? Head to the Dearborn Animal Shelter's website for information.

Want to show off more photos of your awesome pets? We're always up for a cute cat or dog photo! You can add them to our Dearborn Pics & Clips gallery at any time.


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