Dearborn Easement Tree Orders Start Thursday

Residents can order trees to be planted on the easements in front of their homes.

Beginning Feb. 14, and for a limited time, Dearborn residents can order affordable trees that will be planted on the easement in front of their homes.

The City of Dearborn encourages the planting of trees as a way to keep neighborhoods attractive, reduce energy consumption and support a healthier environment. 

The annual spring tree planting program is open to Dearborn residents only.  

Trees cost $175 each, and the supply of trees for the program is limited. Trees range in size from 8–10 feet in height and are sold on a first come, first served basis through Dearborn’s Department of Public Works.

Residents can choose from an assortment of trees. Each species offered meets American Association of Nurserymen standards and is zone hardy. 

Starting on Feb. 14, residents may place an order or request a selection guide by calling 313-943-2317, or visiting www.cityofdearborn.org

This year’s tree options include: “Ivory Silk” Japanese Tree Lilac, Corktree, Celebration Maple, American Hornbeam, Golden Rain Tree, Corzam or Corinthian Linden, American Yellowwood, Ginkgo Tree/Maidenhair Tree, “Lustre” Allegheny Serviceberry and Sugar Maple “Legacy.”

Homeowners can suggest an easement planting location and city personnel will have final approval. 

The area between resident’s sidewalk and curb must be a minimum of 4 feet wide to accommodate a tree. Public Works officials will decide if there is adequate space in the easement of a property owner’s home for a tree.  Multiple trees may be ordered if correct spacing is available. 

Trees will be planted by a contractor and have a one-year warranty. Planting usually takes place in late April and should be complete by the end of June. The contractor is responsible for planting, mulching, staking, pruning, watering and clean up at the time of planting.

At the end of the first year, the contractor will provide a final inspection and remove tree stakes and bracing.

Residents, who are responsible for maintaining the health of the tree through regular watering, will be billed by the City of Dearborn after tree planting is complete, usually in July.

staci dodson February 13, 2013 at 11:02 PM
I did this last year and I love our new tree. We named him Leif. I would highly recommend considering this great program!
City of Dearborn February 14, 2013 at 02:27 PM
How cute, Staci! Do his leaves look like the teen idol's hair, too? You should share a picture of Leif! Just click the "Add photos and video" button.
Stan February 14, 2013 at 03:40 PM
I planted 2 of the Celebration Maples 10 yrs ago. They are beautiful full 40 ft. high now. The only downside is they are not seedless as advertised. Every spring I clean up the whirlygigs. Still a good value.


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