Dearbon Resident Starts Petition to Make Intersection Safer

Do any Dearborn neighborhoods need safer streets?

When most people see a car speeding through their neighborhood, they shake their head and say, "Someday, someone is going to get hurt."

But others resolve to try to do something to change it.

Dearborn resident Haya Bacharouch is concerned that the lack of stop signs at an intersection in her neighborhood is "dangerous for all of us"—especially given that Lowrey Middle School was on the same block.

Bacharouch has started a petition through Change.org to drum up public support for her cause. Here's a look at her plea for safer streets:

Reuter St. and Haggerty St. intersection is at the heart of Lowrey Elementary and Middle school in the east side of Dearborn. This four way residential intersection needs two more stop signs to stop the multiple accidents that have happened. It is dangerous for all of us especially the students who walk back home from school. Please sign this petition to post stop signs to keep our families and friends safe!

All requests for traffic sign changes must go through the Dearborn Police Department Traffic Bureau, according to the City of Dearborn. Bacharouch said she contacted police, who told her to start gathering support for her cause.

"They told me to go to the police station and grab a petition, which I did," she explained. "But since it's winter and everyone's inside I decided to start one online instead.

"Police have told me I need a lot of signatures for them to even consider putting a stop sign up."

The petition is currently up to 82 signatures, many of whom said they live or did live in that area.

"I grew up on this street right on Reuter between Henson & Haggerty," commented petition signer Amy Kousini. "My mother still lives there and the way that people drive now a days is awful, especially knowing that there is no stop sign on that side. There are kids that walk to & from school using that intersection, it's very busy and definitely needs a stop sign.

Check out the petition here.

Analise Olsen Heaton February 14, 2013 at 04:20 AM
I live on Audette too and it is definately a big problem, especially having 6 small children. I personally think it would be better to dead end the street just short of the alley behind the market, since people use Audette to cut through both directions. Donaldson is a dead end now right as it hits Rotunda. Wish I had the time and energy it takes to push this along.
Lee Jacobsen February 14, 2013 at 10:53 PM
Lap, those police cars exceeding the speed limit and crusing through stop signs are responding to calls like the robbery in Hemlock park. If they follow every law, the response time would suffer. They are professionals, and have the training to handle driving through a stop sign. It is easy to complain, harder to do something that may make a difference. I have used signs like this, http://www.radarsign.com/?gclid=CKL0hrPttrUCFShgMgodLloAtw easily purchased by anyone, and can be posted beneath traffic signs, or on private property in areas that have speeding concerns. Drivers essentially police themselves, and the sign is a reminder that it could have been a cop reading your speed on radar, with a hefty fine in the future. If you are somewhat proactive, and produce a sign in good taste, from an approved source that the city may use, (use google) the traffic commission may even allow it to remain, a few of my signs are still up after several years, whether by design or inaction on the part of the traffic commission. I certainly am not going to tell them which ones are 'extra'. They may object to the lack of traffic ticket revenue, right? On another note, the city may do what other cities are doing, adding automatic 'red light' cameras that catch violators, and send them a ticket. Cops actually review the film. See the video about the red light system here. A good city money maker as well!! https://www.violationinfo.com/
Lee Jacobsen February 14, 2013 at 11:01 PM
Pow, you can always be proactive, use your camera, and film the violators as proof of disregarding stop signs, littering, whatever, and make a complaint. Eventually, the perps will figure you out, and either stop, or , more likely , trash your house and car. At that point, you should already have you CPL (concealed pistol license) to protect yourself and property. It's a tough call. If you do nothing, expect nothing to change.
Nickel February 18, 2013 at 02:42 AM
My question to haya is this. How does the erection of a stop sign make the community safer? Anything on your driving record Haya? How is your driving behavior outside your neighborhood? How about family members that received tickets for a traffic violation? Everyone wants a stop sign, enough already, time to take some down. I mentioned Morross earlier having too many stop signs, how about Jerome west of Greenfield, 6 consecutive blocks. Our traffic commission has only agitated drivers by erecting so many stop signs. They are to control right of way, not designed to regulate speed
Nickel February 18, 2013 at 02:53 AM
Lee, your thoughts of a camera are good, however, Michigan Law currently does not allow cameras to photo the violation and then have the police issue tickets. Other states permit it, however to the best of my knowledge, Michigan has not gone the high tech route. As a matter of fact, Michigan cannot do sobriety checkpoints while many other states permit it.


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