Bites Nearby: Halal Mexican at Fuego

This week, we visit the only Halal Mexican restaurant in the Midwest, Fuego Grill.

Bored with the same old dining out destinations you've been going to for years? Hungering for a new fabulous food experience? 

Each week, Dearborn Patch editors and readers will pick a great restaurant either in town or nearby whose cuisine is considered to reign supreme.

Here's this week's choice: 

Greatest Dish Ever: Chicken Fajitas. Boldly flavored and super fresh.
Don't Miss: Fuego Hummus. A fusion of Mexican and Middle Eastern that can only be found in Dearborn.
The Vibe: Upbeat yet casual.
Cool Factor
: Husband and wife team Sam and Nallely Alvarado have brought fresh Mexican cuisine to east Dearborn. Sam's culinary background coupled with Nallely's sunny disposition makes for an excellent dining experience.  

Overview: Fuego is known as the only Halal Mexican restaurant in the Midwest. Given that fact, people from as far as Indiana are visiting Dearborn for Mexican cuisine. Nearly everything is made from scratch with particular emphasis placed on fresh, local ingredients.

Decor: Vibrant and bright. Booths and tables are available. It might be said that this is a more upscale Mexican restaurant, but still very much a casual, laid back establishment.

The Drinks: Alcohol is not available.

Appetizers: Fuego Grill hummus is fusion cuisine at its finest. Garlicky hummus spiced with Mexican seasoning served with crudites and tortilla chips. Both Middle Eastern and Mexican flavors shine in this dish. Other more traditional starters are available like guacamole and nachos.

Entrees: Like any Mexican restaurant, Fuego has fajitas, but they are a little different. Green peppers and onions are there, but so are fresh tomatoes and squash. Lime is dominant has well, which lends a bright freshness to the dish. Taco salads are also available, but they are not run of the mill salads. Not served in a tortilla bowl, this is more of a layered salad. Tortilla chips on top of meat on top of lettuce on top of beans.  

Sides: While traditional rice and beans are available, other more unconventional sides are available. Papas (fried potatoes) are cubed and seasoned with Sazon, their housemade seasoning blend. Big Sam's cole slaw is another different side. Creamy and sweet, it offers a interesting combination of flavor with the spict Mexican cuisine.

Desserts: Sopapillas are tortilla chips dusted with cinnamon and sugar topped with chocolate sauce and Mexican chocolate. Whipped cream and cherries are on the side.  

Service: Sam's wife Nallely is incredibly nice and genuine. She is quick and loves to chat.

Signature Dish: Fuego Grill Hummus

Address: 7040 Schaefer Rd

Chef: Sam Alvarado

Cost: $


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