Believe the HYPE: Nonprofit Prepares for Opening of Dearborn Heights Community Center

HYPE Athletics will host a fundraiser and ribbon cutting at their new facility on Friday, May 4.

Just 18 months ago, broke ground for its new facility in Dearborn Heights .

And on Monday, May 14, the 104,000 square foot facility–located on Warren Avenue just west of Hines Drive–will officially open for business.

A visit to the facility now shows a mixture of a happy calm and frantic preparations. Crews paint walls, pound hammers and talk logistics. HYPE staff–waiting for their new offices to be completed­–work at whatever free space they can find.

But even as the finishing touches are added, the foundation paints a clear picture of the vision of HYPE’s newest chapter: a $6.8 million, full-service community center, serving thousands of local families in Wayne County and beyond with everything from sports and recreation to tutoring and mentoring. Adult education, fitness classes and senior offerings round out HYPE’s upcoming programming.

“If you think about when we started in November of 2010 and where we are today in less than 18 months, the progress has been incredible,” said Marketing Director Maysaa Mackie. “It was built from the ground up.”

Much like HYPE itself. Founder and Executive Director Ali Sayed had a vision of providing local youth with after school and summer programming that would enrich their learning and keep them out of trouble. He started the program in Dearborn in 2001.

Now, HYPE Athletics employs around 140 people–including administrative staff, coaches, tutors and mentors. Sayed said that resumes have been pouring in from people eager to get involved with HYPE.

But Sayed and his team are taking things slow, meticulously planning every detail–from the logos on the floor of the 32,000-square-foot gym, to the layout of the upstairs lounge area overlooking Hines Park.

“We’re confident in the plan,” Sayed said. “It’s been our plan since 2006. Mentally, we’re prepared. Physically, we’re prepared.”

But at their first-ever community day at the new facility–held Sunday, April 29–nothing could prepare them for the emotions of seeing nearly 3,000 people who came to see the nearly completed center.

“At the end of the day, we shed tears of joy,” Mackie said. “For it to be open to the public, it didn’t matter if we were pushing a broom or giving a tour–it was a team effort.

“And that’s what HYPE is about.”

HYPE Athletics will host a ribbon cutting and dinner at its new facility on Friday, May 4. The event will run from 5-8 p.m. Tickets are $50 and can be purchased at http://hypeathletics.org. The facility is located at 23302 Warren Ave. in Dearborn Heights.

Youssef May 02, 2012 at 03:16 PM
HYPE has done more for the youth in the community than any other organization respectively. Mr. Sayed is a dedicated and driven individual that has turned his vision into reality, and has done so while all the doubters kept telling him he couldn't do it. Well to all the doubters in the community. HE DID IT! Congratulations to all the folks at HYPE. You've managed to build a beautiful facility for all of the community to enjoy. I wish you all continued success!
Frank Lee May 02, 2012 at 04:01 PM
The end does not justify the means. HYPE may provide some services but at what cost? This will all be short work for the Federal Department of Justice.
Frank Lee May 02, 2012 at 04:09 PM
Marooned in Dearborn, the property that this HYPE building is on, was Wayne County Park Land given to HYPE in a very questionable Wayne County Land Deal
marooned in Dbn May 03, 2012 at 01:11 PM
Frank, Is this property you mentioned just off Ford rd./ E. Hines Parkway/Outer Drive area ? Isn't this within the city limits of Dbn ? OK, we all know that Wayne County Govt. is crooked, with a Wayne Co. Treasurer practicaly in the real estate business. But that aside, if the city of Dbn has any kind of control over this area of land, (in participation with Wayne County), Dbn could partner with HYPE and build a huge swimming facility THERE, and go 50/50 with HYPE in admission fees. This would be a blessing for HYPE and, Provide the "mayor" of plenty of ego boosting construction.
Frank Lee May 03, 2012 at 06:43 PM
The Mayor wants nothing to do with hype and for good reason. Distancing our recreation department from this shady group is one of the few intelligent moves he has done. This property is in Dearborn Heights, and was owned by Wayne county and has absolutely nothing to do with Dearborn.


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