A "behind the curtains" view of Oakland Township Politics

Please go to  http://oaklandtownship.info/2013/12/13/a-behind-the-curtains-view-of-oakland-township/ to learn more about the 'behind the curtain" view of Oakland Township Politics. 
Lee Jacobsen December 14, 2013 at 01:51 PM
Richard, the open meeting act is almost unenforceable. Silent meetings happen all the time among elected officials, in the hallways, texting, phone conversations. Dearborn has closed meetings all the time, many folk come to the council meetings to find out what was discussed....the garage ordinance proposals are a typical example, tabled at council meetings for further discussion, yet the further meetings , by topic, are never listed for discussion. I found out more about the garage stuff just by talking informally with council folk. Unlike Oakland Township, At least Dearborn has transparency, the closed meetings are listed so you know you can't participate! See here. http://www.cityofdearborn.org/public-meetings
Richard Michalski December 17, 2013 at 07:53 PM
Thanks for your response. You are right it is very hard to enforce the Open Meetings Act. That is why I have filed a official criminal complaint, with the supporting documents, with the Oakland County Sheriff's office. The issue is now in the Prosecutor's office. Hopefully, the Prosecutor's office will determine that Justice will be served. There is also a civil lawsuit against our Board for OMA and FOIA violations. The legal proceedings on that will be heard shortly after the first of the year. I will keep the folks posted on those matters if you do not read them in the press before I post anything on those legal proceedings.


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