Five Great Places for Sledding in Dearborn

If you are willing to bear the cold, there's a lot of snow out there to enjoy.

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.

Let's be honest. Despite the fact that temperatures in Dearborn will feel as low as -28 degrees by midday Tuesday, there will likely still be die hard sledders enjoying the fresh feet of snow with smiles on their faces. 

For those of you planning on bundling up and facing the cold today, Dearborn Patch has compiled five great places for sledding around the city.

1. Ford Field

Ford Field, generally the most popular sledding spot, has the largest sledding hill in the city. For some it can be a hard hill to climb, but there are stairs located on the left side of the hill. There are also smaller hills for the younger kids to enjoy!

Ford Field also has restrooms, which are located at the bottom of the hill on the east side of the park.

2. Levagood Park

Though this sledding hill is much smaller than the one at Ford Field, it’s a hidden gem for younger kids or those looking to avoid crowds. The hill is located on the side of Levagood Park near Wilson Avenue.

3. Lapeer Park

Residents of Dearborn’s south end know that finding a great sledding hill is as easy as a trip to Lapeer Park. The hill is moderately-sized and is just a quick walk from the parking lot located off of Lapeer Street.

4. Argyle-Williamson Jr. Playground

The Argyle-Williamson Jr. Playground is a perfect place for toddler sledding fun. The playground is located in a residential area east of Greenfield Road and north of Michigan Avenue.

It is full of open space and has several small hills for the younger kids.

5. Ford Woods Park

Ford Woods Park is a great place to enjoy the snow in a wide open field. From snowball fights to making snow forts, armed with a child's imagination, an open field covered with snow has endless possibilities for fun.

What's your favorite place to enjoy the snow in Dearborn? Tell us in the comments.


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