Reaume castigates a Plymouth Township resident.
Paul Schulz April 17, 2014 at 08:15 am
Great writing Bryan! Township residents are becoming more aware of the reckless spending beingRead More supported by the voting majority of the Board of Trustees. Those Board members are Trustee Kay "What Day Is It" Arnold, Supervisor Richard ""I Steal Election Signs" Reaume, Nancy "The inexperienced Clerk" Conzelman and Treasurer "Teflon Ron" Edwards. These elected officials are becoming a financial liability to the prosperity of the township. The solution could be a recall effort of them all. I believe it is time to bulk mail out a newsletter throughout the community to inform taxpayers of what is going on. These elected officials have lost touch with reality, spending tax dollars on frivolous projects, that will become a further burden upon the taxpayers in the years to come. These individuals are supporting projects, and pulling costs out of thin air. Thats incompetent! What is more disturbing is Supervisor Reaume being unwilling to discuss the legitimate concerns of other elected board members regarding this project openly before the public. This mirrors the same individuals trying to remove public comments from the board meetings in an attempt to silence any public input or criticism from there taxpayers. Plymouth Township cannot even afford a laddered fire truck, yet they can afford to build an un-needed new $500,000 Pavilion, and a ridiculous $500,000 amphitheater. The elected officials I mentioned here should no longer represent Plymouth Township.
Terry Webner April 17, 2014 at 09:10 am
Paul your right, we need to get the word out to the residents. This pet project is going to far.Read More Thanks to Bryan some of us know what it going on. I for one don't like it. This is our money they are playing with and for what? They just keep on going blinded by some desire to make a legacy.
Hugh Jass April 17, 2014 at 03:00 pm
I would think a better legacy is to always leave the job for which you are held accountable in aRead More better position than when you entered. Be it through promotion or transition to another career. For this "administration", that would mean wise spending on a cost/benefit ratio, balancing of yearly fiscal budget, strengthening of public services (i.e. police and fire), transparency and respect to both its' own board members and the general taxpayers whom they should be representing. Based upon this criteria, Mr. Reaume, Mr. Edwards,Ms. Conzelmann and Ms. Arnold all deserve a well earned "F" at this juncture of their tenure.
Dale Behler April 17, 2014 at 02:03 pm
@Boiling.....Thanks for the explanation of you position on "no picture ID to vote". AsRead More you already found out, we do not agree on that issue. I see no overwhelming reason or logical argument for not requiring some type of solid ID to vote. It's a no brainer to requirement as I see it. I also value the same things you do, but with a reasonable balance for maintaining personal freedoms and a minimum intrusion in our private lives by a bureaucratic government (excessive controls and regulations). I considered myself an Independent a few years ago and voted for Bill Clinton both of his terms. But the Democrats have drifted too far left of center since then for me to buy-off on their social engineering programs and intrusion in our individual freedoms (Obamacare and gun control in particular.....and I don't own a gun or belong to the NRA). Other than that, we might very well agree on several basic beliefs after all, or at least agree to disagree with mutual respect.
Boiling April 17, 2014 at 03:15 pm
Dale: I can understand some sort of “Solid” ID, or even a couple of pieces of ID that weRead More accumulate over the years. But to spell out, “Photo ID” issued by only a handful of departments would be crazy. Dale, answer this one question: Isn't requiring someone to obtain a government issued photo ID to vote akin to living our lives under a bureaucratic government; so in-fact intruding on one’s private life? The gun issue is for another time; who needs an assault weapons or huge magazines (clips) anyway?
Dale Behler April 17, 2014 at 04:49 pm
@Boiling....I even have to have a picture ID card to get into a Costco or Sams Club store. It isRead More basic these days to have them and most people have drivers licenses or a state issued ID card with picture in order to get medical or public services. The percentage of U.S. citizens of voter age who already have some sort of picture ID must be close to 95% (just an estimate). What's wrong with the states issuing photo ID to voters who have no P-ID already when they register to vote, free of charge? To answer your question, I agree some amount of government bureaucracy/regulation is necessary, but most of us already have photo ID and it isn't a huge modification like say Obamacare requirements or gun control. I don't understand the big objection.....it seems only logical and reasonable to require it. People need one for almost every other reason in life and the vast majority of citizens should already have one. I'm not intimidated if required to show my drivers license to get an x-ray, so why should I be to vote, unless I'm trying to pull a fast one and hide my true identity? BINGO!..... I agree with you about assault rifles. But I think the big objection of some gun owners is that once the government gets their foot in the door on assault rifles, they will gradually push it the rest of the way open for every type of gun (they have a nasty habit of expanding control gradually until they have it all). If the Democrats were really serious about curbing violence, the would use some of their control effort on the entertainment (TV, movies and video games) industry which glorify violence and gun use. But those industries are mostly liberal based and donate millions to DNC election campaigns.
Puppet shows in the hot July sun.
Robert April 17, 2014 at 01:22 pm
Paul, we understand that you're still wounded by your drunk driving arrest during the last election.Read More But that wasn't Bob D's fault. It was yours.
Paul Schulz April 17, 2014 at 08:03 pm
Cheap shot by "Robert" to afraid to use his real name here. Coward! Robert seems a bit offRead More topic. Nobody cares about the incident, except you. And it is quite irrelevant. Where in this did I state anything about my mistake being anyones fault but my own? You dwell upon the past and I will keep hammering away on the issues of today... You know, I forgive Bob D for his comments about me publicly during the election. Its all fair game in the arena during an election. I am happy to hear that Mr. Doroshewitz has finally seen the light and is engaging the incompetence from the voting majority of the board of Trustees. Its refreshing and I commend him for it... Perhaps he would lead the effort along with other board members to recall Supervisor Reaume, Treasurer Ron Edwards, Clerk Nancy Conzelman, and Trustee Kay Arnold... With his assistance they would all easily be removed from office.
Robert April 17, 2014 at 08:56 pm
Actually Paul you're right. I apologize I was wrong to bring that up. Honestly I would love toRead More have a passionate person like you in office to replace the cancer which is there today.
Joseph Borrajo April 13, 2014 at 02:20 pm
Prison's for PROFIt incarcerates people who have no business being in prison. All driven by greedRead More and the bottom line. Not my idea of an enlightened nation. P3
Mares Hirchert April 13, 2014 at 04:01 pm
Thank you for this fact based, thoughtful article on prisons. I'm sharing it. We need to educateRead More our communities. Here in Livingston Cty there is discussion of a new jail to hold more prisoners because of overcrowding. I wish there was a discussion of finding alternate justice for drug offenders.